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Fast Food June 9, 2011

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It’s my first blog post and I have a great food to start!

I do not believe that any food is a bad food.  I do, however, believe that there are sometimes foods.

I’m not giving you license to forget fruit and vegetables in favor of 15 chocolate chip cookies!  If you eat your nutrients, sometimes foods are great to enjoy in a portion controlled way.

SO  the point of my ramble: I’m not anti fast food. 

If fast food is something you enjoy, please keep enjoying it- from time to time.  In my case, I’m more of a sweets girl.  I plan to enjoy a Double Banana Chocolate Chip Breakfast Bar in my oven at the cookout I’m going to this weekend.

However, when people choose fast food often because it is cheap and fast, I am a little upset.  Healthy food can be made quickly and be budget friendly!

Meet the Frittata

Your new best friend!  There are very few rules a frittata.  It’s the marriage of a quiche and an omelette.  The eggs are first cooked on stove top for 3 to 5 minutes to firm the bottom and then finished in the oven for 8 to 10 minutes minutes to cook the top at 375*.

The first frittata I made was for a budget meal project for class.  I made this recipe.  If you are unsure about a making a new food, I always think it’s best to follow a recipe for the first time.

This Fritatta was made with one whole egg and three egg whites (I could have done two whole eggs and two egg whites- there is room for two whole eggs every day in a healthy diet), light cheese, a half a sweet potato, and spinach.

This Fritatta comes out to be around 350 calories and is worth it’s weight in protein.  I added a slice of Great Harvest bread to up the good carbohydrates and fiber.  Plus, I’m a bread girl.  I love bread!


I hope this meal is something you can turn to when you are in a rush.  It’ll fill you full of nutrients and it tastes amazing.




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